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replace lost of volume to help smooth wrinkles, plump the lips, and restore a useful appearance


Boost skin’s moisture and simulate collagen production to maintain youthful skin and reverse signs of aging


lessen/remove the appearance of wrinkles


Restoring youthful contours of the face without having undergo surgery


a non surgical cosmetic solution aimed to diminshing problem areas in your body such as cellulite, excess weight, body contouring ,and face/neck rejuvenation


Elevate, rejuvenate and enhance the face.a new technique in rejuvenation that promises to revolutionize asethetic treatments!

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The Team’s combined experience in appearance medicine, beauty, and skin provides a well-rounded approach to the individual care of every client. Dr. Mehri Aesthetic Clinic aims to deliver a high level of customer service, aftercare, and customized programs for each client. They believe in using appearance medicine to provide a natural enhancement, and combining specialized skin treatments to gain flawless skin

Meet our Medical Director

Dr. Mehri

Dr. Mehri Aesthetic Clinic is led by Dr. Mehri Pourkand, an expert in medical aesthetics, facial contouring, and non-surgical facelift. She is well known for her high skill to deliver the most natural aesthetic results and soft-touch which offers a comfortable experience with almost no pain and downtime.

Her special painless technique with no downtime made her one of the most favorite cosmetic doctors in the region with more than 20 years of extensive knowledge in medicine and aesthetics.

Why Our Customers Love Us?

  • I have visited Dr. Mehri Aesthetic Clinic and i have been following her through insta. I have done PRP as I had a very dull skin and now my skin is glowing and healthy. Thank you Dr. Mehri for the fantastic results. i am amazed with your relaxing ambiance, amazing staff and incredible services. i will definitely come back for my Aqua Gold treatment 🙂

    thumb Nayla Kary

    Couldn't be happier that I found this place. So professional and each staff member was beyond friendly. Came in for an IPL photofacial and so impressed and thankful I found this place that I will definitely be coming back for more services. It was very quick and easy.. And most importantly, I felt incredibly comfortable. I applaud each contributor that's part of the clinic, you're all wonderful! I highly, highly recommend.

    thumb Reem Hachache

    Quality all over. From the customer experience to the care provided. The clinic is also taking C19 protective measures quite seriously.

    thumb Sherif Massoud
  • Very comfortable and friendly environment. Treatment is excellent!

    thumb Wang Shanshan

    The doctor is very nice and they provided good service. Very nice

    thumb ave Breeze

    Everything is perfect, love this clinic very much, hope more and more ladies can get more and more beautiful after the treatment from here.

    thumb fangfang zhai
  • Omg, i went for lip filler for the first time and it will definitely not be my last time with DR.Mehri, i am obsessed with my lips, i had an issue with my upper lip and she fixed them in a way that looks very natural & fluffy at the same time. I am grateful to choose Dr.Mehri Clinic

    thumb Imane Najib

    I want to tell thank u for all clinic Dr. MEHRI, from the entrance very cute and good ladies from Reception meeting u, they oferred for me drink something ( a lot options of tea or coffee) i enjoyed to much hospitality. After they give declaration( where u need fill in all the boxes about diseases). I made procedure of dermapen, and i surprised of services, all people there was very polite with me, and carer about my feeling, when i layed they they covered me with a warm blanket, and put local anestesia on my face, after took my blood from my hand( it was hard, becuse my vienes very difficult to find, but they do it very fast and almost withir pain). All procedure what did they do they commented, so i knew what will be with me, and everyime asked how i felt. During using dermapen i didnt feel any pain, so i felt very good) after my face was very Red, but its normal, doctor gave me recommendations for facial care after dermapen, after 4 hours all red skid gone, and for the morning i looked at the mirror and surprised that my face was looked younger and more soft and blushed. I am recommended clinic of Mr MEHRI, because all people who working there very professional.

    thumb Иришка Златова

    Best Beauty Clinic in Dubai. It’s been a wonderful experience at Dr Mehri Pourkand Aesthetic clinic. All the staff were very polite and friendly. Dr made me feel extremely comfortable and explained everything to me before she did the procedure. I look forward to visiting again soon. Thank you 🙂

    thumb Dragana Vojvodic
  • Great experience nd amazing staff Very happy with the results

    thumb Sonal Gosalia

    Great and classy clinic, friendly and helpful stuffs,very high-quality products, I love doctor Mehri,,one of the expert aesthetician doctor I ' ve ever met 😍,,I did filler for my face and lips,,result was beyond my expectations,,they have very new technology for skin tightening and acne treatments,,,,I m very satisfied with all procedures I did there🙏🏽... to be honest highly recommend clinic, looking forward to my next visit👌🏽

    thumb Feryal S

    Very nice facial, extremely relaxing. Would recommend!

    thumb Manit Gosalia
  • I was at dr Mehri clinic and I’m really glad that I came to her she’s so talented, I’m so happy with the outcome results, Highly recommended

    thumb Maan Almassri

    Dr. Mehri is a true master in enhancing beauty in the most natural way. Her understanding of facial proportions, natural balance of symmetry along with her preciseness and light hand when it comes to injections are second to none.

    thumb Melanie Meyer

    I came to Dr Mehri clinic for a facial with Daniella, and i can’t express how amazing the facial was! Was very professional and relaxing! exactly what i needed on a Friday. Thank you to the amazing team of Dr Mehri clinic, especially Carla the clinic manager🙏🏻

    thumb shereen ashraf
  • Nothing can describe what I see & feel when I enter this clinic! Perfect, best service and the most hygiene place I’ve ever visited! Thanks to Dr. Mehri for the huge work she’s doing to maintain this kind of quality in the clinic!

    thumb hind almutaiwie

    I just came to the dr to solve my undereye excessive filler. It was really plumb. I hate my look cs the previous dr didnt know how to solve it although she was the one who inject it. I went to dr mehrie and she remove the filler in a very superficial way. Her hand is very light and i didnt get any swelling or bruise. The filler under my eye was removed and im very very happy with what she did. I advise everyone, do not do undereye filler with any dr. Dr. Mehri is the only one who is really professional to work with this sensitive area. I will come back for the follow up. Thank dr.

    thumb violeen m

    Dr Mehri the owner herself does the work for her clients and she has over 20 years of experience and she gives a personal touch to all her clients. Excellent service and quality. If you want a natural look.

    thumb Shobha Chandnani
  • Dr. Mehri is wonderful. She pays close attention to detail and is very honest about what will or won’t work for you. Anytime I’m in Dubai she is who I trust my face to.

    thumb Lolo

    For a first time visiting the clinic i should say i just found my reasons to go for a second and third. I was a given a very nice facial that had instant visible results to what i call a difficult skin. Loved the place and the staff

    thumb Claudia Fluerel

    Best beauty clinic. Finally !! I got the lips that I wanted. When they say Lip Art for their Lip Filler procedure, it is really an ART. Thank you Dr Mehri Clinic ♡

    thumb Torntina Torntina
  • I have hesitated to do anything on my face for years as i am in to authentic and embracing your natural beauty … Yesterday I finally had the courage to visit dr. Mehri clinic and I am honestly really happy with the results The dr. Is so professional and caring she explains the process step by step and her hands are magical I hardly felt anything at all and I do not have any broozes and the best thing that you can hardly tell I have done anything at all its so natural

    thumb Rawan Ahmad

    Ive done my DMK facial with Keats and she is super gentle with my skin & lovely to talk to, I highly recommend her for facials. I’ve also done Profhilo with Dr Mehri, her hands are super gentle and I cannot wait for the results. The staff are also very friendly and accomodating. Overall amazing experience

    thumb Fatmah M

    Very happy with the professionalism, etiquettes and service this clinic provides. Loved the ambience from the reception until the treatment room. The esthetician explained to me every single details and step-by-step procedures of the treatment. It was very pleasing and relaxing. The place was overall pleasant and the staffs are very friendly! I just hope I discovered this clinic sooner as I am leaving Dubai for good. I will definitely come back to this clinic when I visit Dubai again. ❤

    thumb Marga Antozzi
  • It’s my second time with Dr. Mehri and I absolutely love her work. The ambiance is beautiful at the clinic and I will definitely be going there again and again.

    thumb Nabeela Husain

    Dr. Mehri is very knowledgeable and professional, she was able to deal with various skin concerns and her results keep exceeding my expectations! The new clinic is very clean and modern, every visit is a relaxing experience. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

    thumb l s

    It was a good experience. Before coming to dr Mehri , I had some issue on my face when I see my face didn’t like much looking like tired and some darkness under my eye , then I decided to consult a doctor, and I asked some friends and they recommend dr Mehri pourkand aesthetic clinic . This is my first time in my life that I tried facial treatments , the diffirence on my face insane, looking fresh and the procedure was very smooth and quick . Dr Mehri was very friendly and professional confident ,the staff also was friendly and cool feel like you are at home . A big Thanks a lot to the dr Mehri and the team , will see you soon for the next treatment 😊

    thumb hokiss ben
  • It’s been my second time as Dr. Mehri’s patient. I trust her knowledge and professionalism. If you let her know what is bothering you the most she gives you her magic advice and helps you to make it happen. The most important thing, I trust her on good quality products she applies. I travel to Dubai once a tear to see her. Thanks so much to Dr. Mehri also thanks to her friendly and respectful team.

    thumb Az SH

    Dr Mehri is the one and the only can truly satisfy everyone’s needs. She’s very professional, open to listen peoples needs and great on customize the correct treatment for each patient. Always using quality products of latest generation, with gentle hands & delivering natural results, She’s a great doctor, beautiful woman and I will never stop recommending her to everyone. Her signature treatments are a MUST try!

    thumb Roby

    The clinic is aesthetic and very clean. All of the staff were kind and welcoming. I did a consultation with doctor Mehri then did the treatment with Daniella. Their treatments are amazing and work instantly, best clinic I have gone to.

    thumb Jasmin Brescak

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