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replace lost of volume to help smooth wrinkles, plump the lips, and restore a useful appearance


Boost skin’s moisture and simulate collagen production to maintain youthful skin and reverse signs of aging


lessen/remove the appearance of wrinkles


Restoring youthful contours of the face without having undergo surgery


a non surgical cosmetic solution aimed to diminshing problem areas in your body such as cellulite, excess weight, body contouring ,and face/neck rejuvenation


Elevate, rejuvenate and enhance the face.a new technique in rejuvenation that promises to revolutionize asethetic treatments!

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The Team’s combined experience in appearance medicine, beauty, and skin provides a well-rounded approach to the individual care of every client. Dr. Mehri Aesthetic Clinic aims to deliver a high level of customer service, aftercare, and customized programs for each client. They believe in using appearance medicine to provide a natural enhancement, and combining specialized skin treatments to gain flawless skin

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Dr. Mehri

Dr. Mehri Aesthetic Clinic is led by Dr. Mehri Pourkand, an expert in medical aesthetics, facial contouring, and non-surgical facelift. She is well known for her high skill to deliver the most natural aesthetic results and soft-touch which offers a comfortable experience with almost no pain and downtime.

Her special painless technique with no downtime made her one of the most favorite cosmetic doctors in the region with more than 20 years of extensive knowledge in medicine and aesthetics.

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