Benefits of Microneedling With Dermapen

Benefits of Microneedling With Dermapen

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What Are the Benefits of Microneedling With a Dermapen?

Dermapen is a trusted, brand name microneedling device that is shaped like a pen and has 12 needles within it that pierce the skin to create micro-injuries. We have chosen to use this particular, reputable brand because of its ability to effectively and safely induce collagen production in the body. It also has many other benefits and can rejuvenate the skin after just a single session.

It Can Treat Multiple Areas of the Body

You may think that microneedling only works on the face. While the face is a popular area of treatment, microneedling also works on other areas of the body that need skin rejuvenation. Other areas that can be treated include the legs, arms, hands, abdomen, decolletage, and neck, as well as the face.

It’s a Reputable Brand

Many tools can be used to perform microneedling treatments, but we have chosen the dermapen as our choice tool because it is made by a reputable company. It is an effective and efficient tool that safely performs this treatment and gets results. You can trust that dermapen microneedling will give you the best results possible.

It Treats a Multitude of Skin Issues

Another benefit of the dermapen is that it targets, treats, and corrects many different skin issues. It is not limited to a single skin type but instead will improve problematic skin issues on both the face and body. If you don’t have a specific skin issue, this treatment will still improve the overall appearance of your skin and will make it look better overall. This treatment can:

  • Correct and improve skin tone and texture issues
  • Reduce the appearance of large pores
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Help reduce the appearance of acne scars
  • Improve the appearance of stretch marks

How do I book a Dermapen Consultation?

To book a Dermapen treatment, visit our online booking and select one of the injectable skin boosters from our product list or call us at 04 343 0095.

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