Oxygeneo Facial

Oxygeneo Facial

Are you looking for a non-injectable treatment that revives and hydrates your skin?
Are you expecting an immediate glowing result with zero downtime?

We are all aware by this point that oxygen is necessary for both breathing and survival. But did you know it’s also essential for the appearance of your skin as well?

Dullness, sagging, dryness, and fine lines are symptoms of an oxygen deficit, that’s why Oxygeno facial is the right treatment to revive your glow, reduce your wrinkles with safe immediate results.

Attending an event?
Get dressed, and our Oxygeno facial will take care of the rest

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What is Oxygeneo Facial?

A three-in-one face treatment is the OxyGeneo Facial. This rapid and efficient treatment combines three different procedures to give you healthier, younger-looking skin: oxygenation, infusion, and exfoliation.

You may have the exfoliating advantages of microdermabrasion with one single procedure, in addition to deep face skin regeneration and promotion of oxygen-rich blood flow. The idea behind this facial is to internally rejuvenate the skin tissues. The skin becomes tight and begins to glow as it starts to mend inside and absorbs necessary nutrients. Additionally, the OxyGeneo Facial treatment is appropriate for all skin types, particularly sensitive and pigmented skin. This makes it the ideal choice for continuous skin care and improvement because OxyGeneo facial therapy penetrates the skin deeply, it also produces effective anti-aging results.

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How it works ?

Three efficient procedures are combined in this 3-in-1 super facial to renew the skin in a special way.

Our new OxyGeneo Facial Treatment works to reduce skin aging by treating it on a deep level. It exfoliates the skin, helps it absorb vitamins used, and supplies its cells with oxygen to get fresh and tight skin. 

The Ultrasound waves amplify minute skin vibrations and prepare the skin to better absorb active substances, and help to tighten and lift the skin.

And, The Neo-massage instantly reduces redness and puffiness while allowing the active components to fully penetrate the skin.


The OxyGeneo Facial seeks to: Remove creases and wrinkles, Restore the skin’s natural radiance by treating pigmentation and imperfections, Minimize sun damage, improve skin texture and encourage the production of collagen, tighten the skin and lift it, reduce pores and Give your skin a healthy glow. 


After the treatment, you will notice the improvement in the texture of your skin. Your skin will feel as fantastic as it looks clear, bright, and clean. Following your treatment, you won’t be red or inflamed. This facial is fantastic to get the day before your upcoming event or as a lunchtime treatment!


You can resume your regular daily activities after receiving an OxyGeneo facial. Utilizing a typical moisturizer as needed and applying sunscreen following the treatment and maintaining your usual skincare routine.

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