Acne Treatment

What is acne?

Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that occurs when your skin pores are blocked by hair, sebum and oil, dead skin, or bacteria.

It is very common in teenagers but it can affect all ages.

It can cause several types of lesions, pimples, blackheads, and white heads, and sometimes lead to scars and dark spots.

Acne outbreaks can occur on the face, back, chest, shoulders, or any other part of the body.

What are the causes of acne?

Sebaceous glands formed near the skin’s surface and attached to hair follicles are glands that lubricate the hair and hydrate the skin by secreting sebum. When these glands start to produce excess sebum, the hair follicles get blocked, and acne develops.

Acne can be caused by the following:

  • Puberty (the increase in hormones causes increased activity in the sebaceous glands)
  • Family history of acne
  • Menstrual period in women
  • Pregnancy
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Some cosmetic products
  • Medication
  • Wearing tight hats or tight clothes that affect the area
  • Smoking
  • Oily and spicy food
  • Sun exposure

What happens during treatment of acne?

In Dr. Mehri Pourkand Aesthetic Clinic we provide a wide range of treatments with the help of our professional team to achieve the effective result in a short time:

  1. Consultation with one of our doctors and experts is the first step to be done in any treatment performed at Dr Mehri Pourkand Aesthetic clinic.
  2. Medicine prescription might be necessary in some cases. Strict supervision and follow up with your doctors is important.
  3. Deep cleansing facials with extraction, HydraFacial and anti-acne and enzyme facials can be provided.
  4. Laser or Photofacial to treat some type of acne.
  5. Avoid popping and squeezing.
  6. Chemical peels.
  7. Home care treatment.
  8. LED mask after facials.
  9. Dermapen microneedling.
acne treatment

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