Lip Filler

Lip Filler for augmentation or contour is an aesthetic procedure to enhance your lips and make them plumper and fuller or more beautiful by creating a proportional and symmetrical shape. It provides volume to the lips and defines/contours their shape.

For this treatment, hyaluronic acids are commonly used. As they are natural substances, they make the treatment safer and with a non-permanent effect.

They can improve the shape, structure, and volume of the lips and hydrate the lips by working as a water reservoir within the lip tissue.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Some of the dermal fillers contain lidocaine to reduce the pain, so they don’t hurt.

In addition to this, a topical anaesthetic cream will also be applied on the lips for 15-30 minutes until they get numb prior the procedure to avoid any discomfort.

  • After injection, the filler supports and shapes the tissues in the lips to increase the volume of the lips and make them plumper and more attractive.
  • The amount of filler is controlled by the doctor, and might be injected gradually in different sessions until reaching the right shape of lips.
  • Lip filler can help to redefine the outlines of the lips and create for them a beautiful structure, eliminating the fine lines on the lips and around them.
  • The good thing about hyaluronic acid is it can be dissolved immediately in case bumps or lumps were created while injecting it.

The procedure can be performed in 15-20 minutes.

Topical numbing cream is applied before the injection to reduce the discomfort.

Lip filler may last between 6 months to 12 months, depending on the filler used and the client’s lips.

At Dr Mehri Pourkand Aesthetic Clinic, all kinds of injections are performed only by licensed and highly-experienced DHA-licensed aesthetic doctors and dermatologists, and all  under the regulations of DHA and MOH and UAE laws.

A proper consultation by a specific healthcare provider is done prior to each procedure, with a signed consent form and clear medical/familial and surgical history of the client.

At Dr Mehri Pourkand Aesthetic clinic, dermal filler is one of our many specialties. We adhere strictly to high standards from client preparation to technique execution, to the quality of our products, because we always strive for perfection with our clients and minimal downtime with our treatments.

Clients who got our signature “Lip Art” procedure, they finish the session with the minimum discomfort and downtime and they can go back to their daily routine immediately.

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